Anonymous: hey mel as a flatsound fan what do u think of this mess between him and mat cothran/sam ray et all!

you know I respect the hell out of both of them and their music has been incredibly inspirational and important to me. However it shocks and saddens me that two grown ass men cannot keep their personal opinions bout each other off of public forums. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions but I think trying to maintain kindness and respect- especially towards those working in the same field as you- is important above all else. Their respective fanbases have a lot of crossover (such as myself) and I would have hoped that for that reason alone they would have tried to avoid such an ugly altercation. to be honest it’s not a big deal at all, but it definitely left me w/ a bad taste in my mouth and a lil sadness. so it goes tho.

some dude tipped me $60 tonight! prolly cuz I’m mad cute! so stoked I’m gonna buy some 40s and make burgers to surprise josh when he gets back!!!